Ben 10 - Bakugan Fight

They are best friends since both off them fight for what is right, but it doesn’t mean that they need to agree with each other. There are times when they fight for not a big deal. Since they are young, they settle their differences not quietly, but in a boxing match wherein one of them loses. Of course, both of them would get beaten up in the process, but the better one would win. You might want to see them use their powers, but this is just a friendly game between two friends. After the match, they are back to being one of the best friends.

The game is about a boxing match and you need to understand that this game revolves around those two and nothing else. However, you can only be ben in this game because the other guy can’t be chosen, which means that they act as the villain in this game. The idea is to knock out the other one. You need to remember to block since that is the only way that you would have a chance against your opponent. The game gets harder and much better, so you need to do your best because that is all to this game and you can’t do nothing if you can’t defend.

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