Ben 10 Hidden Aliens

Aliens walk among us and they don’t want to be known as aliens since most of us are not ready for them. They would be treated like freaks if they got exposed. What is even worse is that they would have been experimented on. However, Ben has a long line of experience with the extra-terrestrial and as such, he knows a lot of alien. While most of them are hostile, there are some that want to be left alone and they would just do their own thing to live free. They are the ones that hide among the people of the world, they can only be exposed if you would be willing to take a closer look.

In this game, you won’t need your Omnitrix to turn into an alien and fight some aliens. This is a friendly game wherein all you need to do is to go out and look for the alien. There are no timer in this game, so you should be able to enjoy this game without the pressure. However, as you make some progress, you would feel the pressure since there would be a time limit and those aliens would get a better hiding place. Also, if you reach the time limit for each alien, they would change their hiding place, which might be a problem for you.

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