Ben 10: Space Battles Game

We all know that Ben can fight with the best of those aliens, but when it comes to space battles, this is something that we haven’t seen. However, when Ben was assigned to investigate something outside of Earth, he has no choice, but to comply simply because they are the ones that are paying him. Besides, he would get some money from this job after all has been done. Initially, his target is to investigate as there would be other aliens that would have do the battling if it is needed, but when those aliens find out about Ben, Ben can’t just escapee since they are following him all the way. Ben knows that he needed to fight them if he want to escape.

In this game, there won’t be any alien transformation as you are inside the space ship all the time. You don’t’ need to transform into an alien just to battle. You need to take out those aliens before they take you out. After you have destroyed some aliens, they would produce a glowing orb that when you grab it, your fire power would have doubled. However, you are going to lose those fire power if you got hit.

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