Ben 10 Puzzle 48

Diamond Head is one of the many aliens in Ben's transformation. Each one has its unique ability and in this alien's case. It can shoot bolts of diamond coming out from its hand. Of course, its body is made out of diamond, so you can imagine how hard this guy actually is. Actually, this is among the toughest alien races in the galaxy as only a few can handle its diamond skin well. As such, this guy is among Ben's list of alien transformation. Of course, Ben can't choose an alien in his watch since it is kind of random.

IF you are thinking that you are going to fight some alien then you are wrong because in this game, you just need to build those puzzle pieces. The game can only be played with a mouse and the idea here is to build those puzzle pieces. Thankfully, there are no time limit in this game. If you want to move a puzzle then you need to do it once at a time till you get the puzzle piece to where you want it to be. This game is challenging because each time you move a puzzle, most of the pieces would be change its location.

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