Ben 10: Math Race

Ben is one of the greatest superheroes that we have, but it doesn’t mean that he is the smartest. They say that a superhero don’t need to be smart, but seriously, being smart would come a long way for sure. If you want to get far in your life, you need to use your brains. So, Ben would need to learn his math or he won’t be successful with his life. Being a hero is alright, but that won’t make you rich since all you does won’t be credited back to you. Well, at least in terms of money. That is why, most people don’t want to be a hero.

In this game, the idea is to win the race, but you can get ahead if you are able to answer the questions really fast. To do that, you need to be good in math. Multiplication to be exact. You need to answer those figures pretty fast or you would end up at the back of the race. Every time you are able to answer the right answer, your car would move forward. That is what you need to do to win this race. There are no levels in this game since after you finish the game, it would be over, but you can choose the difficulty of the game according to your match solving skills.

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