Kevin Levin Game

He was an old time bad guy, but he eventually change his ways when he met Ben’s cousin, Gwen. The two fell in love and as such, Ben and Kevin become friends. They have forgotten their old rivalry and has been helping one another since then. Kevin likes his sport’s car, so Kevin always spends his earning making it much faster or simply to say, he is upgrading it every time that he have enough money. The two of them has been helping one another to get out of tight situation ever since then. If one guy got himself in trouble then you could be sure that the other one would come to help him out.

This game, however, don’t seem to need any help since this is just a puzzle game. The game can be played with a mouse and the idea here is to put those puzzle pieces together. Luckily, there are no tier in this game and you can finish the game anytime you want to. Once, you finished this game, there won’t be any more game. It needs time and dedication to be able to put those puzzle pieces in place.

Are you up to the challenge?

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