Cannonbolt Slide

Cannonbolt is one of the few powerful in Ben’s Omnitrix. When this new alien first appear on his alien watch, Ben couldn’t’ figure out how to use him till he transformed into a ball. Ben packed at first since it is the first time that he ever transformed into a ball. As time goes by, he understand the concept about Cannonbolt and from there, he quickly learns how to use it. Of course, when he does learn, Cannonbolt become one of his alien transformations. However, he can’t use it if he wanted too since the transformation is triggered randomly and there is no way for him to choose which alien he would want. Of course, we all knew that this problem got solved in the future.

Don’t worry as you don’t have to worry about, which alien you would transform. This game is a puzzle, wherein you would put the pieces to where it rightfully belongs. The game is played with a mouse and the idea is to put the pieces to it belongs. But, you could only make a move one step at a time. That means, that you should need to think everything when making a move.

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