Ben 10: Alien Race

We all know that XLR8 is among the fastest in the universe, so if they are going to enter a race, it won’t be unfair as that game would be a one sided. Sponsors would not also like that since the winner has already been decided and those betting on the game would know which one to bet on. It is quite unfair, when an alien was done, only Four Arms, Heastblast and Wild Mutt were able to participate. Well, at least, that is the race that can participate in the race. As of for Ben, he can’t participate in the race since he don’t know which alien would come up. There is, little chance that any of the three would come up since there are more than 10 alien races that he can transform into.

In this game, you are not going to transform into an alien as you just going to choose which one of the three would you be. The idea here is to get to the finish line as fast as you can, but there would be some hindrance along the way. You need to avoid those as that would slow you down. Also, there would be two other aliens that you need to beat in a race.

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