Ben 10: Fix My Tile

Ben Tennyson was a regular kid, who always gets beaten, but not because he wasn't willing fight back, but the fact that he was too small. They would hit on him since he is just too small. Ben always tries to fight back, but the problem is that other kids are bigger than him. Of course, they are a lot older than him and that is why, he is being bullied. When the summer vacation came, his grandpa invited him together with his cousin, Gwen to have a picnic with him in a forest. However, it wasn't a peaceful one since the mysterious object crash in the forest. Ben got curious and went to know what it was. To his surprised, the object looks like a watch. He wore it and tried to make it work. He pressed something on the watch and he then turned into a flaming alien. Ben panicked upon seeing that this whole body is burning. He burned down the forest, but later on, he realized that he wasn't burning at all.

Alright, this game has nothing to do with that since all you need to do is to fix the tiles till the picture is complete. There are no timer here, so no need to worry about the time. The game is played with a mouse.

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