Ben 10: Alien Motorbike

Ben is always relying on his Omnitrix to fight the bad guys. However, it seems that won’t be enough this time as those guys are excellent bikers, so in order to catch up to the alien biker gangs, he would need to bike as well as transform at the same time. Motorbike riding is one of the hardest sports out there since you would need to learn to balance while riding your motorbike. There is always a chance that you would hit your head since your bike would not be easy to balance. So, in order to prepare for the fight against those biker aliens, Ben need to practice on high cliffs.

In this game, you would need to balance your motorbike all the time. It is so easy to break your head on this game since it would be hard to control the bike. Fortunately, you would need to fear getting injured since this is just a game. The idea in this game is to get to the finish line safely, but that is the challenge that you need to overcome too. Always focus on balancing your bike. God thing that there are no time limit in this game, otherwise that would make the game even harder.

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