Ben 10: Toxic Hazard

Dr. Russ is an evil scientist who wants to take control of the world. He is using his knowledge in Toxicology to threaten the world into submission. The world has seen his works in the past and every country knows that his experiments are disastrous as it might end life on Earth. The government contacted Ben and asked him to take action against the evil doctor. His latest work in radioactive weapon prove that he is a danger to the world. This experiment is too dangerous that it might cause the extinction of the human race and that is what the world is scared of. They don’t want Dr. Russ to continue anymore as it threatens all life on Earth.

In this game, the idea is to shoot anything that you come upon with. Anything that gets passed you would mean disastrous as that would eliminate all life on Earth. You need to shoot it down before it get passed you. If they get passed you then the game would be game over and you would need to start all over again. The game would freeze if that would happen, so you need to remember that nothing must get passed you.

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