Ben 10: Air War Game

Ben gets his power from his wristwatch. Whenever he would get in trouble, you can see that he would reach for his watch. Tapping it would make him transform into an alien being. The system how the watch works is randomized since he can never choose which alien he would need to use. Fortunately, he have mastered how to use most of his alien transformation. The problem comes with new aliens as he don’t know what is their powers. Whenever a new alien is available for him to choose, he is always facing some difficulty. Luckily as he spent more time with that alien transformation, he is able to learn more about the alien. His familiarity with the alien is his weapon.

This game is played with a mouse and you would need to remember that it won’t’ be easy. You would need to maneuver in the sky and that is not anything like the way you are maneuvering things on land. It’s hard to control, but that is the challenge that you need to face. Collect all the watch that you see on the sky and blast any alien spaceship that you come in contact with. Are you ready for this game?

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