Ben 10: Addition Puzzle

We all know that Ben is a brave and curious boy. Even without the omnitrix, he would still fight the bullies at school. When he found the Omnitrix, he was exploring the jungle by himself even though, he was only a young boy then. When he change into Heatblast, he got terrified and run around the forest, but it doesn’t mean that he is afraid. He got shocked since he don’t know what is happening to him. He thought that he was burning up and who would have not acted like the way that he does if they found out that they are burning. Of course, you know that all since you have watched the cartoon, but do you know that is also a bright boy?

In this game, you need to put the puzzle pieces to where it belong. There are some addition problems in the game and the idea here is to find the right answer. After you put the right answer to the right place then you would see Ben’s picture. There are many addition questions that needs to be answer before you can unravel the whole picture. Don’t worry, though as there are no timer in this game.

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