Ben 10 Super Penalty

Ben Tennyson hasn’t been playing with his friends since he got the Omnitrix and Grandpa Max knows what is going under. He told Ben to have a good time with his friends. He knows that Ben would never be the same again if the latter won’t be able to enjoy his childhood. He also told the same to Gwen since both of them aren’t having some fun anymore. They are too serious even for their age. They should enjoy their age a little long since when they grow up, they could not do the things that they want anymore. The two visited some of their old friends to have a friendly match.

In this game, you are going to play football. No, not the whole game, but the one wherein you would need to kick the ball in the net. The setting of the game is all about the penalty play and you need to kick the ball into the net. Actually, you need to do that till the timer goes out. The general idea is to get a lot of goal in the net. The game can played either by your mouse or keyboard. There is no more game if you go beaten so you need to win it.

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