Ben 10 : Car on the Road

Ben Tennyson is the type of guy that never gives up on the job and he would do anything that needs to be done. Even when he didn’t have the Omnitrix, he is already a brave lad and would never back out form a fight. It is just that he just gets beaten most of the time since he is too small. As much as he likes to teach them a lesson, he can’t do it since he was too small. When he got the Omnitrix, he become courageous than ever since he can transform into more than alien. That gives him the courage that he needed than ever before. Whoever when the aliens causing some problem on the road, his alien transformation can’t be use since none of his alien-blasting transformation is fast enough. XLR8 is the only alien that could match their speed, but he can’t blast anyone. Kevin offered his car since it got the speed and the firepower to fight the invading aliens.

The in this game is to get to the finish line and defeat your enemy. You can’t do that because of the aliens that are harassing you. You need to blast those enemies to get somewhere.

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