Ben 10: Puzzle 12

Ben Tennyson is one of the most popular heroes in the universe. He is the only one that can transform into 10 different aliens, which makes him unique. Some heroes can change their forms, but they can’t transform into aliens or they could transform into an alien, but not as much as Ben who can transform into 10 more than different aliens. Perhaps what makes him unique is the fact that he can add more transformation into his resume since that is basically what the Omnitrix can do. All that Ben would need to do is to collect some DNA from a new alien. It could come from nail, hair or anything that would grant Ben the powers of that alien.

In this game, the idea is to fix the puzzle. Take note, this game don’t have the timer that most puzzle game has, making it much easier. This game is suitable for toddlers since they are the ones that like to figure things out. This would prepare them to use their brains in the near future. When they become adept to using their brains, they would be able to use it to find jobs. This game can only be played with a mouse.

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