Ben 10 Puzzle 26

When Ben Tennyson was a kid, he gets bullied by kids who are much bigger than him. Though he would fight them, he doesn't have the strength to do so and would always get beaten by the other kids. That is a common scenario in most school as bigger kids tend to bully the ones that are smaller. Even our hero has to go through all that. On summer, his grandpa invited the Ben and his cousin, Gwen to spend some time with him. They are going far away. Well at least, far enough to have a great time. Everything was fine since they are staying in the jungle. There were no fees to pay and no one would annoy them. One day, Ben was strolling in the jungle and found something strange. It was a watch, but when he took it, it attached itself to Ben. That was the start of the story.

In this game, the idea is to form the puzzle. You need to do it as fast as you can or at least before your time is up. When the time is up then the game is over. Each level would be different and you need to figure it out how each puzzle would fit into each picture.

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