Ben 10 Fight Power Game

An evil scientist has collected some alien body parts to be used for his experiments. When heard about Ben that can transform into more than 10 aliens, he became fascinated. As such, he needed the young boy on his next experiment. He knows that Ben wouldn’t agree to his demands so he has no chance but to fight the boy. Well, at least let him fight the creation of the mad scientist. He abducted the young boy to fight in his tournament. Ben knows that he needs to win the fight as he isn’t the only one that got abducted. Some of his friends are in it too.

In this game, you need to battle it out with some of the meanest alien creation by the mad scientist. This is a street fighter game wherein you need to beat the other guy. In this case, you need to beat the alien before it beats you. The game becomes harder and more challenging as you make some progress. You would start with some easy opponent which you can beat to a pulp easily. However, as you make some progress, you’ll soon learn that you need to be better that what you are doing.

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