Ben 10: Find Me

Ben Tennyson got the Omnitrix when he was a young boy. With it, he becomes an alien and is able to use the natural abilities of an alien. Of course, different aliens got their own strength and weaknesses and this is the reason why; he would need to know different aliens. His transformation is random so it is difficult to predict, which alien he would be. However, because it is randomized he is able to know most of the strength of his alien transformation. Good thing that Grandpa Max was a space police during his times as he knows a lot of alien. As such, he shares his knowledge with his grandson who clearly would need it.

In this game, the idea is to find the alien that you would need to find. You would know which one you would need to find since it is shown at the upper portion of the screen before the game would be played. The aliens would then be placed in a giant-sized cup, which would hide their existence. The game is played like a dice in a normal game since you would need to find which cup would hide the alien. Your eyes would be your number one tool since you need to know, where the alien would be at the end of the randomized position change.

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