Ben 10: Addition

We all know that Ben is someone that is brave enough to fight any aliens. He is already brave before he has the alien device, Omnitrix. This device is the one responsible to letting him transform into more than 10 different alien beings at a time. Vilgax is after this device as this was the prototype of Asmutts work. Vilgax want it so he could duplicate it and formed an enemy forces of those who could transform into more than 10 alien beings. Of course, we could imagine the danger that is involve with the device if it falls into the wrong hands. Ben got lucky to find it one summer. It turns out that Asmutt throws into one of those pods and sent it to Earth. Initially, it should belong to Max since he is part of PLUMBER, a group that is dedicated to protect all life on the Universe. It was just fate that Ben got it, since he is a relative to Max, who is his grandpa.

In this game, the idea is to add two numbers. It would be given to you at a time and you can find the two number at the end of your cursor. You would find the answer moving on the screen along with the other possible answers.

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