Ben 10 Defense

When the aliens got to our planet, they set out to rule it. They want it for themselves and want to kill all life presently living in there. They won’t settle for just living among us as they are just that greedy. Fortunately, we got someone on our side that can transform into an alien. In short, he is an expert when it comes to alien. Ben is the owner of the Omntirix, which has the power to transform people into an alien. It can’t be transferred to any alien or people. It is somehow attached to his life form.

In this game, you need to defeat all the enemies. You already transformed into Swampfire, don’t bother finding out how you can transform. The game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to make sure that you can take them out as fast as you can since they would kill you. You can hide with the help of your cousin, Gwen, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can be hit. You need to time the hiding since you can’t do that long. At some point you need to get out of your hiding place. Also, when you’re hiding, you can’t shoot.

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