Ben 10: Omnimatch

Ben Tennyson became one of the most powerful beings in the Universe when he got the Omnitrix in a summer trip with his grandpa. For some reason, it works with him. He wasn’t supposed to be the owner, but since Grandpa Max and Ben are relatives, the device thought that he was Grandpa Max. The device is create to work with his grandpa since the latter was a special agent for a secret alien group back in the days. The device can’t be take out from his arm, so his grandpa just let it be. He help Ben to understand the device since it is an alien technology.

In this game, you need to mix and match three or more aliens. The game is played with the arrow keys and the space bar. There is a time limit in the game, so you need to hurry it up. You need to find them fast as the time is ticking. You need to reach certain points before you can go to the next level. The idea here is to exchange plate with the one that resembles the three or more plate. When it matches the plate then it would be gone and your score would go up.

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