Ben 10: Four Balls

When Ben first found the Omnitrix, he doesn’t have a clue on what it could do since it look like a regular watch. When he tried it on and accidentally triggered the mechanism of the device, it transformed him into a burning alien. It caused too much panic for him and he burned the forest. He really though that he was burning and run all over the forest. Eventually, he learned how to make use of the power off the alien watch. Since then, he become a hero who fights bad guys. He have the power to morph into an alien. Of course, his transformation is just mere luck and he can’t control that part. He transform into a random alien at a time.

In this game, however, you are not going to transform into an alien. Instead, you would need to make that you are able to form four balls, horizontally or diagonally. The computer would be your opponent and you need to outsmart the computer. You can win if you are able to form four balls faster than the computer. The computer would try to prevent that and score for itself. You need to think out of the box if you want to win in this game.

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