Ben 10: Maze Game

We all know the story of Ben since he has been a hero for more than a decade now. He was a boy when he found the OMntrix on that camping trip with his cousin and grandpa. Back then, he doesn’t have a clue on what the OMnitrix is and he even set the whole forest on fire because he didn’t understand what was going on that night. As he4 learn more about the OMnitrix, he come more powerful as he can transform into 10 different aliens. As he encounter more aliens, the number of aliens he can transform to even grows more.

In this game however, lets all leave the transforming thing and concentrate how can he reach the Omnitrix. This game is played with an arrow key and you can’t use the mouse to do it since that would be too easy. The problem is that you can only move on for paths and you can’t make a quick turn unless there is a block nearby. Sad to say, you need to manage on what you have. Since this game is more luck a puzzle, you need to figure out how to reach the Omnitrix. Don’t worry since there are no limit in this game. You can do it in as little moves that you can do.

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