Ben 10: Hero Hoops

Ben 10 might be among the strongest heroes in the world today, but he can’t be the greatest in everything that the does. He need to train and work hard for it if he wants to be good at something. When some of his friends invited him to play basketball, he was proven to do know a thing about basketball so he become the laughing stuff. It was then that Ben realizes that life is not all about fighting. There are times that he needed to enjoy himself with a company of his fellow teenager. No one is an island and he have proven time and time again. Since that day, he vow that he would become good at basketball and has trained ever since.

In this game, there would be no fighting aliens or transforming into an alien. All you need to do is to shoot until there is no time. Don’t worry, time is long and you would have scored a lot of points before time ends. There are also some specialized hoops which would help you in the game such as time, big hoops, more balls and a lot of things to help you better you’re playing time.

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