Ben 10: Heatblast

Ben Tennyson is just an ordinary boy before he got the Omnitrix. It was in Summer at a Summer camp when he got the OMnitrix. Back then, he wasn’t even aware of the powers that the alien watch got, so he panicked upon finding that he turn into Heatblast. He run deep in the forest and went on to cause forest fire. When he got aware of his power, some androids appeared from out of nowhere and that is his first encounter with alien tech. Since that day, Vilgax has been monitoring him from his spaceship. The galactic tyrant want the Omnitrix for his troops as that would mean his troops would be almost unbeatable.

In this game, aliens are attacking and you need to stop them from ruling the earth. This game is action packed as you would be fighting some aliens in the air throughout the entire game. You don’t need to transform into an alien since you are already Heatblast in this game. You just need to avoid their projectiles and fire your own projectiles at the aliens. The idea here is to shoot as many enemy as you can. The game would get even harder as you make some progress since that would mean more enemies for you to fight.

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