Ben 10: Fishing Game

Most of the time, Ben is always busy with fighting aliens or helping them out if they are friendly, but we seldom here about him enjoying a relaxing time. If you thought that is all about him, then you don’t really know him. There is an old saying that all work makes a man boring and this also applies to heroes such as Ben. He has no one to play with him most of the time, so he have adopted a hobby that he could do without someone going out with him. He does this at least, once a month since there are the organization to make sure that everything is intact and quiet.

In this game, you need to catch as fast as you can since there is a timer running. Of course, you do need to catch a lot since you won’t have a chance after the time runs out. There is no way to extend the time as when it’s done, there won’t be a chance to up your fish number. The size of fish differs, so the bigger fish gets the highest fish while the smallest fish gets the least point. Aside from the fishes, there are also a lot of trash in the sea and they have points in them.

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