Upchuck Unleashed

When a mysterious object got into the forest where Ben was camping one night, it made her whole different and he can’t live a normal life anymore. Now, his life is much more exciting as he gets to travel a lot. He made some new friends, who shares the same powers. Actually, most of his friends are alien half-breeds, who sworn to use their power for the good of humanity. But, Ben is not with his friends most of the time as he always find himself alone in deal with some bad guys. Also, aliens are just half the problem as there are people that does harm the aliens as well. They are called the Forever Knights and for them, every aliens are bad including Ben Tennyson.

In this game, you are Upchuck and you need to explore the area you are in. You need to find some keys to open some locked doors, but it won’t be as easy as that since there are Forever Knights ready to beat you up. The only way that you could fight them is to transform into Upchuck, eat boxes and throw it at them. You only have a handful of life to spare, so you need to avoid those knights as much as possible.

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