Ben 10 Underworld

Ben and Kevin became friends and have shared some adventure, but something isn’t going to change. During that time, Kevin and Gwen has been dating, but the evil nature off Kevin got into him and he decided to kidnap Gwen. Gwen was surprise, so she wasn’t able to do something about it. Kevin let Ben knows that he got Gwen and demanded for the Omnitrix in place of his cousin. Ben knows that Kevin would just use the power on bad things, so he decided to go and stop Kevin. Along the way, there were several robots and he needed to pass them.

In this game, you need to explore the area and collect some omnitrix symbols. The longer you explore the area, the less bonus points that you would get. If you want to get more points, then you might think of finishing it early, but try not to forget about the symbols since it would give you more points. You only got three lives and when you mess up, you would loss them. There are no life bars in this game and you need to be careful with every move you make since this is a dangerous mission.

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