Ben 10: Rider Game

Ben Tennyson is famous for fighting some evil aliens all over the galaxy, but it doesn’t mean that he would be good at everything. You can bet on it that he won’t be good at everything. When one of his friends invited him to have some fun biking, he got humiliated, so he promised himself that it won’t happen again. He practiced and practiced so nothing like that would ever happen again. When he was given a chance, he prove that he is nothing to be laugh at and they were awe in surprise as he was even better at them.

In this game, the idea is to get to the other side while driving motorbike. You need to control your bike well, so you won’t crash. There are a lot of obstacles on the road that might be too hard for you. You need to get over them and get to the finish line in one piece. The trick here is to balance your bike while you are getting over the obstacles. Those obstacles are mostly blocks and you need to drive over them. There are no timers in the game, so you can do it as fast or as slow as you want.

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