Spiderman Villains

The city of New York is a dangerous place to be since the villains are always there. Fortunately, Spiderman patrols the area and he bows that he would get rid of all the bad guys in his area. He can’t rely on his Avenger friends since most of them are busy with fighting powerful villain that endanger the world. It seems that the villains think that they would be much safer in New York, therefore, their reigns of terror would never get foiled. Peter was attending classes when he sees Venom in the area and he began following him. Soon, he found out about Jonah Jameson comparing with Venom and the Hobgoblin.

In this game, you need to shoot the villains and make sure you aren’t going to hit your love one, Mary Jane Watson. She is the love of your life and pretty sure, she isn’t going to like being hit. Every time you hit her, you would lose one life. This game is all about shooting and you need to act fast or the villains would hide. Once that you see them, you need to shoot them or you would lose your chance. They would appear over and over till the level is finished.

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