Avengers Tower Rush

Out of nowhere, the Hydra forces are attacking and this only meant one thing, the world is in danger. Fortunately, the Avengers came out to stop the attack and take care of the evil group. However, during that time, only a handful of Avengers where available since most of them are out battling another threat from an outer threat. Hawkeye was the only available guy, so he would need to deal with the Hydra alone. Good thing that he was able to get some back up from the Shields. Red Skull and Modok are leading their army against the city. Will Hawkeye be enough to hold his own against the two villains?

In this game, you’ll start with just one avenger, namely Hawkeye and you would have the power to summon some special units that would help you to defend the tower. However, you can’t always summon some special soldier since it would cost you. You need to collect something and that would come from the enemies you have destroyed. If there are too many enemies, you can either summon a unit or use your special arrow shot. Of course, it would take some time before you can use it again, so better use it when you need it the most. On each level, you would unlock new Avengers to fight on your side.

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