Ben 10 Blockade

For Vilgax, the time is now since his robots finally captured Ben Tennyson. Before Ben got captured, he was able to destroy lots of robots, so Vilgax was really pissed at him. Knowing that Ben can transform with the help of the Omntrix, Vilgax remove the OMnitrix with the help of some alien devices aboard his ship. It couldn’t be done with just bruth strength, so Vilgax has to use some powerful alien tech to do it. He then locks Ben in a cell and tried to study the Omnitrix. He plans on copying it as he wants as army of soldiers that can transform into one life form into another. So to say, there was no one guarding Ben and the latter manage to break free from his prison. Now, it is time for him to get his Omnitrix back and to get out of the ship.

In this game, you need to destroy the blockade in each level. You can either do that with the ball or by using your projectiles. The game is played with a mouse and you need to make sure that the ball won’t fell down or the game would be over. If you manage to get a alien power, you can use it to destroy the blockade faster.

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