Ben 10 Critical Impact

Earth is in deep trouble as a huge meteor is about to hit the planet. It would cause much serious destruction if it should hit one of the major cities. Perhaps, it would deal a huge blow to the planet and would left a huge crater. Should it would reach the planet, it would surely kill millions of people worldwide. Ben knows that he need to stop it somehow and he just got the alien for the job. Heatblast would burn right through it, but some meteors would just be too huge and that is why, he would need ghostfreak to make sure that he won’t get hit if a huge one came.

The game is played with a keyboard and you need to fully utilize the power of transformation. It means that you need to transform into Heatblast if you need to destroy something or to Ghosfreak if you need to avoid something. Fortunately, for this game, you don’t need to worry about random transformation. You need to make sure that none of those huge meteors ever touch the ground. You need to shoot it outright the moment that you see one falling. The game gets much exciting as you make some progress. Every time that a meteorite hits the earth, you would take damage.

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