Ben 10 Blood Days

While fighting aliens in outer space, his watch broke and now, he can’t transform into an alien. He sent it back to the creator of the Omnitrix and he was promised that it would be fixed within a month. For now, Ben is powerless, so he is trying to stay away from aliens. However, a plague suddenly swept the nation and most of his friends are now zombie. Ben knows that he needed to survive somehow. He would need to kill zombies and protect the survivors. Someday, all these problem would seize to exist and he would be there to celebrate. By that time, he would get his old watch back and zombies would be eradicated easier. For now, he would need to depend upon the wall that separates him from the zombies and he would need to look for survivors.

In this game, you don’t need to fight aliens, but you definitely need to fight some zombies. The idea here is to protect the barrier from them. You would need to shoot them before they can do that. AS you make some progress, you would be able to find some powerful guns and a few survivors, which would help you in your fight against the undead.

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