Ben 10: Saving Sparksville Game

The town of SParksville has been holding its own mysteries and this is why it became a destination among tourist. However, the problem is that it loses its magic over the years. The mayor is not going to give up as he is still opening it even though, he might be the only employee of the entire town. For him, it is not all about the money as it has been tradition for the town to hold its own celebration and it has its own secret. However, he don’t want to get out the secret since it might be the last of the town.

Unknown too many, the town was once visited by a mischievous alien life form that seems to be a living spark and that is why it is named that way. His predecessor was able to find a way to trap the electric entity within a giant rubber band ball. It has been there since generations after generation and the mayor hopes that it would never be unleash again. When and his cousin unknowingly unleash the entity, it got out and now they need to capture it once more.

In this game, you need to defeat the entity that has become a giant robot.

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