Ben 10 Vs Zombies 2

Ben was away on a faraway mission when the zombies came to his town. Most of this friends immediately turns into a zombies since they don’t’ have the power to fight them. Upon coming home, he immediately finds out about the zombie problem and have organized some resistance. He would have use his power since some of them has some projectiles, but the problem is that it is broken and it would take months before it would be repaired by Asmutt. Time is something that he don’t have right now as he needs some way to put those zombies down for good. Fortunately, he finds a machete in his own backyard.

In this game, the idea is survival and you need to kill those zombies immediately before they can come close to you. There are guns falling out from the sky that you can use, but the problem is that they don’t last. Also, you would need to grab them while they are still there as they would be gone if you don’t do that. This game is played with a keyboard and you need to move around to make sure that they can’t come close to you. This is a nonstop game, so don’t expect that you can have some time off while playing this game.

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