Ben 10: Spore Attack

Ben and wen was travelling with their granddad when they happen to pass by an old camp out in the wilderness. That time, they were out of napkins and ask some of the people living there for napkin. The campers were happy to give them some. Ben and the gang decided to stay a little bit in time for the story telling. Apparently, it was not just storytelling as it really happened. It was then that they found out that some of the campers are missing. Ben and the rest of the gang become more interested. That night, they decided to sleep in the camp to find out about the story more. They were attacked by giant mushrooms that seemed to be people of some sort.

This game comes from an old episode of the series, wherein they were attacked by giant mushrooms. In this game, you need to fight back as fly. The idea here is to spread the foot powder over the giant fungus that is spreading the spore. The killer spores are not harmless at all since they would attack you with their spores. You need to avoid them at all cost because it would harm and when you are out of life then the game is over.

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