Ben 10: Savage Pursuit

Ben and the rest of the gang are on a vacation when they encountered a giant rat. Though, it did not attack them, they decided that they should investigate. They eventually find out who is behind it all. It was there old friend Dr. Animo, the mad scientist who has been experimenting on household pet. Turning the latter into gigantic creature that can be bent to his will. With such experiments, he can rule the world, but it seems that he is having some difficulty at this moment. Some of his components are missing and he told the king size rat not to come home without it.

In this game, you would be relying on your transformation to fight those enlarge pets. You could punch them, but it would be much quicker and safer to change into an alien to deal with them. If you use your alien power, you would need an energy and it would need some replenish after a few moment. You need to get a special orb to replenish alien power. You can change into four different alien in this game and you need those alien to fight the enlarge pets. The game more exciting and challenging as you make some progress.

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