Ben 10: Power Splash Game

Some bad guys are polluting the river for their sake. They are dumping some chemicals to the river, which causes some mutations. Now, the river is filled with mutants and the neighborhood fear their safety. Those mutants are really becoming a problem as most of them are hostile and they would attack any human on site. When Ben heard of this, he began investigating and found out that the rumors are true. He quickly turned into Steel Jaw to fight against undersea creatures. They are ruthless and would attack anyone that they can see. Ben knows that he needed to get to the bottom off this, but that would be a long time goal. For now, his concern is to stop the mutant from attacking the ships.

In this game, you need to get rid of the mutants in the sea, but that is not only your problems as there are bombs scattered everywhere and a wrong more might detonate them. You need to take out the monsters while evading the bombs. Those can kill you in an instant. This game has no level and you would need to keep on going. The idea in this game is to get the highest score that you could get.

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