Ben 10: Kraken Attack

The Kraken is a legendary sea monster that terrorizes he village for centuries. Over the years, there were less attack and the villages tend to think that it is nothing from than just a myth. Generations have pass and they think that the story is just made up to scare some kids from going out to the sea. And so, that is what everyone believes, but one day the Kraken returns. During that time Ben, Grandpa Max and Gwen was passing by when they see the monster came out of the sea for unknown reason. They immediately know that this means no good as the monster would terrorize the village once more. Ben uses his Omnitrix and transformed into an alien to battle the monster.

In this game, Ben takes on the Kraken. The game is paled with a keyboard and you need to avoid its attack or you will end up failing the game. Your goal is to send the monster back from the depth, but he would come back for more. Again, you need to battle him, but you can’t use the same form over and over. You would need to use a different dorm and you can’t control which form. The only thing that you should do is to send it back to the sea.

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