Ben 10: Bazooka

Ben Tennyson has been using his watch to transform into one of the strongest alien to fight other alien life forms. However, when it got damage from a recent fight, he needed to use other means to fight the alien. His granpa gave him bazooka to protect himself against the alien terrorizing the town. Using the watch, he can manifest into an alien itself and use its power whenever he likes it. However, the watch don’t give him much on an option on which alien he want to use since its transformation is randomize. But, then again, he would have transform into an alien if can, but that is the problem.

In this game, you need to get rid of the aliens terrorizing the town. The game is played with a mouse and idea here is to get rid of the aliens. There is an army of alien that you need to get rid. Each level would be harder than its predecessor since the alien would be changing. You be sing a bazooka to fight them and you need to his them before they hit you. Remember that a bazooka needs to charge. The game become more intense as the number of aliens that you need to destroy increase as you make some progress.

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