Ben 10 Train Champ Game

When trouble is there, you can bet on it that Ben would be there to save the day. It doesn’t matter if the culprit is just man or an alien, he would surely put a stop to its evil intent. He have done this so many times that he made a lot of friends and enemies at the same time. Nevertheless, he doesn’t care as all that don’t’ matter. When he was young, he was told that it doesn’t matter if someone hates you for doing is more important to do god deeds than to be like. Someone liking you is not that important if it means that you would do something bad.

In this game, you need to get rid of the bad guys in the train. Evil guys are on the rampant in a train and you need to get rid all of them. Your job here is to help Ben do just that. Ben would run fast as you would need to ensure that he doesn’t fall into one of those traps. You can get some extra points by collecting the Ben 10 Omnitrix. You would travel far and lot and you need to make sure that Ben is able to get through all of the obstacles.

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