Ben 10: War on Amazon River Game

You might think that all Ben does is fight some aliens, but that is not true since he would fight anyone that have some bad intentions. It didn’t matter if it was a human or an alien as long as it would affect others then he would step in the side of good. When the some international terrorist cause some trouble on the Amazon Rainforest, Ben step in and put a stop to their plans. He sank all their ships to the bottom of the river. Ben didn’t transform that time since his Omnitrix was busted from the last tight he has against the Forever Knights. Fortunately, he brought in some laser and it came in handy when he fight those vouchers.

In this game, you are not going to transform into an alien to fight some poachers’. Instead, you need to depend on the blaster that you have with you. The idea here is to sink all of those boats into the bottom of the river. The game is played with a mouse and you would need to be careful not to get hit. If you took too much damage then your boat will sink. Also, your enemies would not get sink with a single shot so you need to shoot them over and over till they sink.

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