Ben 10: Pursuit Game

It seems that Dr Animo is on eh move again as he sends his mutants to grab some component for his evil invention. No one knew what that invention could, but Ben only knows one thing and that is it is no good. For sure, Dr Animo would use the invention to do harm to others. Ben 1uickly change into an alien to try to stop the evil scientist. Grandpa Max knows that this means bad for everyone and he advise Ben to change into an alien soon since Animo’s mutants would be arriving soon. If Ben hasn’t transformed yet then Ben is no match against them, but with his alien form, he would be a match against those mutant animals.

The idea here is to get to the safe zone where none immediately. You need to get there as fast as you can. To do that, you might need to transform into an alien. Your alien transformation would not last long and you would revert back to your human form. Your alien transformation energy bar would go up soon, so you can transform again given enough time. The game gets more intense as you make some progress. You need to use Ben in human form as well, if you want to finish the game.

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