Ben 10: Super Bomber Game

When the aliens came to town, the first thing that they do was to scare some people. They harass a people day and night till they can’t take it anymore. This makes them the most frightful thing in the world till those people can’t stand against them anymore. Luckily, our hero Ben is not a scared and there is no way that he would be scared with those aliens. They don’t belong in this planet and they must be stop from what they are doing. They would just keep on harassing the people since they know that they can’t do a thing about that.

In this game, you need to blow up those aliens to dust. You need to hit them with the bomb and let the bomb explode on them. You have a limited bomb so you need to make sure that those bombs would be accurately thrown to the aliens. If you run out of bombs then the game would be ever. The game would get even harder since those aliens would be hard to reach as you make some progress within the game. You’re lucky that there is no time limit to get those aliens, but it doesn’t mean that that makes it easy. You need to think before you act or you would be run out of bombs before you know it.

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