Ben 10: Long Bow Game

Ben likes to compete with others as he feel that he is great thus he would excel in anything. Well, at least, he is competitive and there is nothing wrong with that since sports are made for that and that is how most people can have some fun. He have tried a lot of things already, but he found out that nothing is more relaxing than shooting his long bow. Shooting those balloons as it flew high is definitely a challenge and that you can’t practice it by yourself since that would be too hard. The price in the competing is not much, but it is definitely worth a try since it is a recreational activity and there is nothing wrong in trying. Win or lose, the important thing is that you are having some fun.

This game is played with a keyboard and your objective is to hit those balloons that is flying high in the air. You need to practice your game before you join some competition because the latter will be harder since there are limited arrows that you can use. No, there are no time limit and you can wait till the last moment before you shoot. The problem is that it won’t be easy to hit those balloons since there are a lot of things to consider when hitting such.

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