Ben 10: Snowball Fight

Who says that you need to forget abbot having a good time with your friends if you are in the job of saving people? Actually, you can still have fun since most of your friends will be in the same job just like you are. You need to choose your friends, so that they would be the same as you. They don’t’ need to look exactly like you, but they need to do the same thing as you. T is hard thing to do, but it would be worth it as you get older. You would really appreciate the ones that are true to their nature because they are the ones that are worth to keep. Forget about those that didn’t like you as they are just going to destroy you from within. They are not true friends.

Ben have gathered most of his friends as he want to have a snowball fight. He knows that some of them might not like the idea since that game really hurts. If you are not spots minded then you would easily get angered. Most of this friends enjoy the game as they really like a good competition and what would be better than playing it with your friends. At least, you would know that they are not out to hurt you in the process.

In this game, the idea is to eliminate the trolls in the game. You would need to act fast since they spawn fast.

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