Humungousaur Giant Force

When an alien race plan to invade Earth, Ben would have a say on that for sure. He would knock those invaders right of the face of the planet. For sure, they won’t be standing again since Humunguousaur is not only giant, but also one of the strongest aliens that Ben can transform into. It seems that one alien race didn’t’ get the memo and have planned to invade the planet Apparently, Ben move on and decided that it is time that he got rid of the evil alien that is invade the planet. This alien would inhabit some humans as their host to be able to propagate.

In this game, you need to knock out those alien before they can even hurt you. They got weapons that they would use on you and you need to knock them off before your life force is gone. You can’t hide since you are too big, but you can definitely block their shots. When you do that, you won’t be taking any damage. You can pick up some rocks to throw to them too. You need to act fast since those guys are going to overwhelm you with their sheer numbers. The game gets harder as you make some progress.

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