Ben 10 Long Bow

Ben is a competitive guy on top of him being able to transform into more than 10 different aliens at a time. He would only use his powers if he needs too and right now he won’t need it since it is not something to use his power. If there are aliens around that would try to hurt him then Ben would not hesitate on using his alien watch. As competitive as he is, he entered a competition wherein he would earn lots of money if he wins. His goal is to shoot as much balloon in the air. He needs to shoot the arrows right through the balloons or his arrows won’t be return. If he is able to do that then he would score more and his arrows would come back.

In this game, the idea is to shoot the balloons right from the sky. You have only a few shots and if you can’t shoot the balloons then you would run out of ammunition. If you have hit the balloon then you can use that arrow over and over. The game is played with the keyboard and you would need to make sure that the arrow would get its regret or you would lose out of arrows.

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